How to Make Money by Selling Other People’s Products Online

In this post I’m going to discuss how to make money by selling other people’s products online, and hopefully remove a needless, yet all-to-common barrier that keeps a lot of us from getting started on the business of our dreams.

For the past 5 years, online commerce has steadily risen as a percentage of total US retail sales, going from 5.8% in 2013, to 10% at the close of 2018. This is great news for anyone who has a product to sell and knows how to get in position to take advantage of the rising trend.

But what should you do if you don’t have a product of your own?  What if you’re long on entreprenureal spirit, but short on having a product of your own ready to go. Plenty of people want or need additional income, or simply want to work from home, but don’t have the time or capital necessary to develop a product or idea. What then? 

The answer lies in building a website of your own that you control.  This allows you to bring together people who are actively searching for very specific things, and trusted merchants with exactly the products and services they’re searching for.  Owning and controlling this space allows you drive massive traffic to it.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in.  WA has the all the step-by-step, easy to follow training you need to build a  professional looking, high-speed, robust website in minutes.  They’ll also show you how drive massive traffic to your site and turn it into conversions and revenue.

This post details for you the four simple steps to connecting buyers and sellers and getting paid for making the connection.  It’s as simple as:


Let’s dig into each one and get a little bit closer to putting this thing to action.

Step 1: Choose an Interest

Choose an interest based on something that you love or are extremely passionate about. This cannot be overstated and may be the most import thing you do related to your business and its foundation.  This step is also known as selecting a niche.  

A niche is segment of the population to whom you’re marketing either your products or services, or someone else’s products and services. Simply put, your niche is your audience.  

It’s very important that you’re passionate about your niche because you’ll be talking to people, writing for people, promoting items and ideas to people, and helping people; all in the name of connecting them to things that they need, or better yet, things they want.  Now.

Think in terms of something that you can’t get enough of, or can’t stop talking about.  If you’re always talking about cars… that can be your niche.  If you love, love, love comics/superheroes… that can be your niche.

Does this mean you have to be an expert? Not at all.  But you must be comfortable learning about and communicating about and then helping people within your niche area of interest, because that’s what converts.  People will relate to your passion and can then trust and engage with you. 

If you love it and live it, that’s less work for you and more energy you can apply to steps 2,3 & 4.

Step 2: Build a website.

Building a website can be done in under 5 minutes if you have the right resources at your disposal.  

Without the right resources it can be paralyzing to the point that it slows down the pursuit of your business ideas. Worse still, some people won’t get past this stage because they see it as too big an obstacle to tackle on their own. 

Check out my post on How to Build a Website Fast and Easy to find out how to create your own WordPress website in under 5 minutes without paying an arm and a leg, and with all the training and support you’ll need to start, maintain, or improve a lucrative online presence.

Step 3: Drive traffic to your site.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your affiliate marketing business.  Whether it’s from FREE (my personal favorite) or paid sources, if nobody sees what you’re offering, then that’s who will buy… nobody.

Any good affiliate marketing training resource will teach you how to create content that ensures visitors find value in posts and pages on your site.  Providing value builds recognition and trust. Recognition, trust, and value drive conversion.

That said, Wealthy Affiliate is a great program.  In addition to teaching you how to to provide valuable and engaging content, WA provides you access to the tools necessary to drive massive traffic, and shows you step-by-step how to use them.

Step 4: Sell products or services – Earn Revenue

Depending on who you ask, this may be the easiest part of the process.  At this point, you’ve already done the “hard work” of choosing a niche, building a site, and beginning to generate consistent traffic. 

The rest is a matter of connecting trusted sellers with quality products to buyers who are actively looking for those very same products and ready to spend.  You make a commission for every purchase they make.


Creating a business on a website that you own is the key to maximizing your wealth building prospects online. If you own your site, it’s like having your own virtual real estate. You have complete control of your content, how it’s displayed, and how it’s monetized. Ownership gives you options.

Getting the right training is a must.  The thing to understand here is that success, financial or otherwise, will not come overnight. You’ll need to be diligent in learning about the affiliate marketing business, then diligently apply what you learn.

Following the training and proven success methods at Wealthy Affiliate will take you on an incredible income producing journey.  You’ll find everything you need build successful online business in affilliate marketing.

Create your own free starter account today and find out for yourself.  Click here to learn more.

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